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Male breast reduction is a surgical procedure tailored to address gynecomastia by removing excess glandular breast tissue, fat, and skin. This procedure is not typically performed for medical reasons but rather to alleviate physical and psychological discomfort.

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Gynecomastia, often referred to as male breast growth, is a condition characterized by the enlargement of male breast tissue, resulting from an imbalance between testosterone and estrogen hormones. It can have various causes, including medical conditions, medications, and lifestyle factors.

Gynecomastia may not pose severe health risks, but it can lead to physical discomfort and have a significant negative impact on mental health, self-esteem, and body image. Surgery can help alleviate these issues by restoring a more masculine chest appearance.

Some cases, such as pubertal gynecomastia, may resolve naturally. Weight loss can help when obesity is a contributing factor. For medication-induced gynecomastia, discontinuing the medication may be effective. However, when non-surgical treatments are not enough, a male breast reduction may be the best option.

What to Expect

The Procedure

A male breast reduction is performed under general anesthesia. Incisions are made to remove excess breast tissue, fat, and skin.

Recovery Time

Bruising, soreness, and fatigue may last for several days. A compression garment is typically worn to aid healing and reduce swelling after surgery.

The Cost

Male breast reduction is often viewed as elective cosmetic surgery and therefore not usually eligible for insurance coverage. Financing is available.

Male breast reduction

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