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The diversity of human experience extends to the realm of physical identity. It's a reality that not everyone's physical form accurately reflects their true gender identity. Many individuals grapple with a profound disconnect between the gender they innately are and the gender that society perceives them to be. This incongruity can give rise to profound distress, impacting both self-perception and external societal interactions.

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Procedures for Transgender and Nonbinary Individuals

Gender identity is deeply personal, and it's important to acknowledge the significance of aligning one's physical form with their genuine gender. Gender affirmation surgeries are a spectrum of procedures that serve to reshape an individual's body, thus aligning it more closely with their gender identity. These encompass a range of options, including:

1. Facial Surgery: Refining facial features to better reflect one's gender identity.

2. Chest Surgery (Top Surgery): Primarily sought by those who desire a more masculine or feminine chest appearance.

3. Genital Reconstruction (Bottom Surgery): Comprehensive alterations that reflect one's gender identity more closely.

While gender affirmation surgery is commonly associated with transgender men and women, it's worth noting that nonbinary individuals may also opt for these procedures to harmonize their physical form with their unique gender identity. The decision to pursue these surgeries is deeply personal, rooted in individual preferences, self-identity, and the desire to feel comfortable and confident in one's own body.

What to Expect

The Procedure

Transfeminine and transmasculine surgeries of performed under general anesthesia in a clinical or hospital setting. The details of your surgical experience depend on your chosen procedures.

Recovery Time

The length of the recovery period for gender confirmation surgeries hinges on the specific procedure. In general, anticipate a recovery period of at least a few weeks for facial and top surgeries.

The Cost

Our surgeon will customize a procedure plan that aligns with your goals. Meeting the criteria set forth by WPATH is often a prerequisite followed by insurance providers for coverage eligibility.

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Before & After

Gender Affirming Surgery FAQ

Schedule A Consultation

The consultation phase forms the foundation of your journey. Let our plastic surgeon create a custom plan to align with your desired outcomes.

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