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Facelifts are a consideration that arises as we all experience the inexorable passage of time, each at our unique pace and manner. When confronted with the visible markers of this process, one might ponder the paths forward. For some, the solution may reside in the realm of facelift procedures.

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Turn Back Time

The advantages of a facelift are multifaceted:

  • A facelift involves the tightening of facial skin and the underlying musculature, thereby smoothing and reducing lines, wrinkles, and the pesky sagging of skin.

  • It bestows a rejuvenated appearance, camouflaging the evident signs of aging.

  • The results can endure for a decade or more.

  • It possesses the potential to elevate self-image, self-esteem, and overall confidence.

A consultation with our surgeon will give you the opportunity to articulate your concerns and goals. Our surgeon will assess your facial structure and develop a tailored surgical strategy.

What to Expect

The Procedure

Incisions are made discreetly along the hairine facilitating removal of sagging skin and a tightening of the remaining tissue, allowing for a natural result.

Recovery Time

We recommend at least one week for rest & recovery post-surgery. Physically demanding activities should be avoided during the healing process.

The Cost

The cost of a facelift hinges on your specific objectivites and treatment plan. Several payment options are available, including financing with CareCredit®.

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